Saturday, December 17

i should also mention that i've graduated from Film School and am currently trying to finish the screenplay for my first feature length film and also am in the process of teaching myself editing
seems that it's funny that the last time I updated this, was near the 2004 Christmas holiday, and now i'm updating near the same time in 2005! Anyway, i should hopefully have a camera after Christmas, and hopefully some editing software as well, so i can begin making an editor's reel to show to people. I've decided that i want to be not only be a screenwriter but also be an editor.

Friday, December 24

Well i finally got my hands on some Super 8 film cartridges, and wouldn't you know it neither of my Super 8 cameras work! But I've been trying to take apart the one that I know for a fact should work so I can take a look at the motor and the battery contacts. So hopefully I'll be able to get it up and working, and get a 'test' cartridge developed. My camera techniques, professor said that 'Super 8 is crap!' But what does he know, he's just a documentary camera operator
Well it's Christmas!! So Merry Christmas everybody, from London!!

Tuesday, August 24

I think I'm going to make some fake blood today, when I get home. I'm bored, and we all know how fun it is to scare the shit out of your roommates!
oh yeah the final episode of The 4400, SUCKED!!
Check out for more great news on upcoming horror films, and new dvd releases

Tuesday, August 17

Well I haven't worked on 'Spliced' (which I'm going to have to retitle) or 'The Day I Became a Vampire' at all in the last few weeks. I've gotten myself involved in a collabrotive project with a screenwriter from California. We're currently working on writing a zombie film, and I'm really excited about it. We've come up with some really great ideas. For updates, on this exciting Projection Films' project, click here

Also I've been thinking about renaming Projection Films to something more, how should I say this? something more...gruesome, horrifying, gorey? I don't know maybe the name is goodenough. I've even drawn a few logos so..maybe I won't change the name... the graphics definitely need help...i'm tired of looking at black, white and orange all the time.

Friday, July 23

i just had to post This Land is Our Land spoof done by JibJabs Productions

Friday, July 9

this looks interesting enough, The 4400. It Premieres July 11th, Sundays 9/8C on USA Network
be sure to check out's upcoming films section, occasionally they mention new horror films that are coming out, like this one:

CORPSE BRIDE (2005, October)

Victor (Johnny Depp), a villager in a small 19th-century European town, is taken to the underworld to marry a corpse bride (Helena Bonham Carter). Meanwhile, his wife (Emily Watson) hopes he'll return home soon. Also starring: Albert Finney, Richard Grant, Joanna Lumley, and Christopher Lee

which is being directed by Tim Burton and Michael Johnson

Thursday, July 8

I've been discovering lots of cool sites and films, that I eventually will add links too, just bare with me.
I just watched a trailer for a new independent zombie film, Revelation 22:22

be sure to watch trailer # 2, it's better than trailer #1

i just watched the trailer for The Last Horror Movie, and it looks 'AWESOME'!
I just discovered that there is a horror film, with the title 'Spliced' so I'm going to have to come up with another title for my film.
if you like Zombie movies, check out All Things Zombie
well i've thought up another project. i'm going to make a film, that has a 'Caligari-esque' feel to it. I just got a rented copy of 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' to watch so I can take notes on the styliziation...
28 Weeks Later
Well it's been about a month since I've posted to the site. A lot of stuff has happened in this last month. Let's see I lost my job. :( Which sucks, cause now i'm even poorer and I dont' have the money to spend on my ongoing projects. Good news however, is that I have in my possession, count 'em, not ONE but TWO Super 8 cameras, of which one of them is suppose to be fully functional, and if they both don't work, well then i'm only out 20 bucks, cause that's what I paid for them! I also haven't really worked on my projects in awhile because of my job (the one i just lost..), which had really crappy hours and not that great of pay, but at least then I had money..oh well...

in the meanwhile besure to check out the following two music videos...

Modest Mouse: Float On


Ministry: No 'W'

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